Woohoo! Unscribbling, the art of problem solving and fulfilling your desires made the list…


Where other books and our educational system teach you how to solve “a” problem, Unscribbling teaches you how to solve ANY problem and fulfill your desires.


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Unscribbling will help you to learn how to solve ANY problem in your life and fulfill all of your desires! (For real!)

Don't be a Henry! Fix your own problems!!!In life, you can either become a victim of your circumstances or you can empower yourself. You can settle for where you are, or you can learn how to get past roadblocks and make your life all you desire it to be. The choice is yours…

We are all capable of creating the life we desire and solving any problems we may face. Unfortunately, the problem solving skills necessary to live with our desires fulfilled are rarely taught in schools, or in the home. You may be taught how to solve “a” particular problem, but you probably have not been taught how to solve ANY problem that comes your way.

This book will help give you steps to solve your problems by helping you to…

  • Find your true desires (which are often hidden inside our “wants” and problems).
  • Explore ways to fulfill your desires.
  • Show you how to create an actionable plan to fulfill your desires.
  • And then we’ll explore what might be holding you back from realizing your dreams.

We’ll explore key problem seeking and solving strategies that can easily be applied to any problem (from dating to business issues). The strategies will help you “unscribble” any problem and develop what I would call “a problem solving consciousness.”

On top of the benefits of being able to solve your problems and fulfill your true desires… having a problem solving consciousness allows us to thoroughly immerse ourselves in the present, enjoy the flow of life, and find a peace of mind that comes with the confidence of a peaceful mind. It helps you to “Enjoy the Fish!” (That phrase will make sense after you read the book.)

Ahh, how does life get better than that?
Empower yourself through Unscribbling today!


A Refreshing Effective Approach To A Happier Life
As a Personal Transformation Coach who has studied many ‘gurus,’ I can easily say I’m impressed with Kristin’s teachings and tools. This book is a deep and practical resource that will continue to benefit my clients and I.

In my opinion, the bottom line desire we have in life is to experience more joy and peace. Of course, aligning with our True Self, Purpose & Vision allows these feelings to blossom. The trick is to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of that alignment. Unscribbling has furthered my understanding of and ability to overcome the obstacle I call myself. I’m now better equipped to flow through the ‘problems’ that arise as I unfold my ideal life. Thanks for unscribbling anything that got in the way of manifesting this book Kristin. My soul is grateful.” – Matt N


This isn’t a self-help book. It’s a frank discussion with your new best friend. In Unscribbling, Kristin’s voice is warm and honest. She knows that you are who you are and doesn’t make value judgments. She knows that you will only be ready when you determine that you’re ready, and she is patient with that. Mostly, she helps you to see what you’re missing, comforts you, and encourages you. Rather than hide the truth, Unscribbling encourages you to take a deep look at your true desires and then to work toward them. With its fun and truthful voice, you find yourself drawn in. You take yourself less seriously. You give yourself permission to be human and explore your heart’s desire. You step around the things that you think are holding you back. “Unscribbling” helps to erase the negative vibes and get you started on your path to dreaming, your path to happiness.” – Lori from Los Angeles

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Buy the Kindle version of Uncribbling Looking for a print version of Unscribbling? Click here!