Intro to the Spiritual Side Notes (SSN)

First and foremost, please note that you DO NOT need to have the same spiritual beliefs as me in order to learn how to Unscribble. For that matter, you do not need to have ANY spiritual beliefs in order to use this problem solving technique. But throughout the writing of this book, I kept having the urge to interject a few spiritual thoughts. But I know that spiritual thoughts would turn off some people and they would miss all the good advice in the book so I kept them out. I realize that this book is not going to be for everyone, I am ok with that. But to have anyone put down the book because I said the word, “God”… ehh… that just did not feel productive and in the best interest of these good problem solving skills.

But I still desired to get the thoughts to those who might be interested… so I unscribbled it! And I created these “spiritual side notes” so I could be true to my thoughts and feelings and yet, not turn off the non-spiritual among us. Perfect!

If you are not spiritual I am not slighting you in the least. I respect your thoughts and in no way want to try to change them or convert you over to anyway of thinking. (Just as I do not want to be converted to anyone else’s beliefs.) If you are a believer in any particular religion – I am not going to try to change your views.

I honestly feel that if you have been lucky enough to find a religion or spiritual belief  that feels right for you – I applaud you and genuinely feel happy for you. Just don’t push it on anyone! As you will read in “Unscribbling,” one of the key points of view discussed is that you “Work to change ONLY yourself.” If others desire to change from watching your light shine – help them if they ask, but other than that, stay out of their business. Same goes for spiritual beliefs.

I desired to write some “Spiritual Side Notes” that might inspire you and give you a new way to think about things. NOT convert you. What you believe is solely up to you. And hopefully we can learn more from each other through the thoughtful comments and discussion that might result.

Now, how does life get better than that?

So let me set the record straight and answer up front right now “what do I believe?”

I do not follow any one particular religion. Rather I enjoy learning from all of them. In my eyes there is no need to point fingers and say that one interpretation/religion is any better than any other (or to point fingers and say others are going to hell because they don’t believe what you believe). In day to day life we acknowledge that people are different. Teachers realize that some kids learn better when they see things, some when they hear things, some when they do things. I feel that God is the ultimate teacher – God knew that different people learn in different ways and need different interpretations, thus God gave us several ways and religions to learn and create our connection with the universe. (Though God is referred to by many different names, I will use “God” and the “Universe” interchangeably throughout these side notes. God, because that is the name I grew up with. Universe, as I think it is a good expanding word that helps me to feel I am part of God, and yet God is so vast.)

So for the record, the “nut shell” version of what I came up so far for the core of my belief structure is that:

  1. God is in everyone and everything.
  2. The entire world in interconnected. Your thoughts and actions affect the world you experience and influence.
  3. Your inner attitude & thoughts will change your experience of the physical world. You are a co-creator of your experience. (Yes, I 100% believe in the Laws of Attraction)
  4. You and you alone are responsible for your actions and responses. (Harm none.)
  5. Our souls are here to experience life, to learn, to grow, to love, and to have fun in the process.
  6. Know that we are experiencing what we are experiencing and how we are experiencing it for a reason. (Sometimes the reason is not about you, but you agreed to play a part in someone else’s life.)
  7. You are a unique being. Created with the gifts you have to serve a purpose in the universe. Embrace who you are while allowing others to be themselves and learn and grow with their gifts at their pace.
  8. The universe always provides me what I desire or a path to what I desire. (Sometimes we just need to Unscribble it to find that path.)
  9. Your time in this existence is limited by death. Your souls time is not.
  10. The more I am thankful, the more things I find to be thankful about.
  11. Our actions can be out of love or ego. When we follow love, all benefit. When we follow ego we struggle & feel pain.

This is just where I am at today. These may change… and may very well become the foundation of Book #2 for me. (If you want to be kept in the loop about book number 2, click here and let me know.)

So if you are not turned off by any of the beliefs above, I encourage you to check out the spiritual side notes as you go along and read Unscribbling. If they do turn you off, just don’t read them, but read the rest of the book, because that is geared towards everyone.

Thank you for indulging me with the opportunity to share more thoughts with you.

Lots of love, Kristin Neperud Merz