Wants Keep You Attached (SSN)

Why not “goals” or even “wants”? Why do I keep talking about “true desires” instead?

Because “wants” contain a definitive ATTACHMENT to a result. “Desires” look at the core reason behind what you “want” – THAT is what you should be focusing on.

When you say, “I want this red sporty convertible.” You have a attachment to a result and you are actually limiting the universe on how your desire might manifest itself in your life. You are thinking you know better than the universe how to fulfill your desires.


When you get to the core of “why” you desire what you say you want you open yourself up to a world of possibilities.

Let’s looks at some possible true desires behind the want of a “red sports car”…

1. When you think, “I desire reliable transportation.”(That is a primary function of a car.)

The universe may send you a flyer for the new bus route that is going by your house and right past where you work. Which also gives you time to read a book while you are commuting which fulfills another desire you had “to have more time to read.”

You could be disappointed that you weren’t handed a red sports car, or you could see that the universe had answered your call in a way that is even better for you.

(Where were you going to park that sports car anyway? You live in the city and there is only limited street parking.)

Or perhaps your company will offer you a car allowance. It may not be a red sports car, but are you going to sneeze at that? No!

2. When you think, “I desire to feel free” (vs. to drive and feel the wind in my hair in my convertible)

Perhaps the universe will send you a gift certificate for a hot air balloon ride, or surf lessons, or hang gliding, or a roller coaster ride, or….

3. When you think, “I desire to feel sexy and vibrant.” (Red sport car to me seems to equal wanting to feel sexy, vibrant and powerful. Who knows, I could be wrong.)

Perhaps the universe will send you a new lover instead…

By focusing on your true desire, you stay open to the wisdom of the universe. (Which is WAY smarter then our little minds.)

I’m not saying not to fantasize about what you desire. Do! When you fantasize you infuse your thoughts with emotion. Which is incredible for attracting things to you. But while you are in that fantasy, try to look at and capture the emotion, feeling or experience that is at the core of the fantasy.

Stay open to the multitude of ways that there is going to be for you to fulfill those true desires. And do not become ATTACHED to a particular out come.

That would be like being given a hover craft and being mad or disappointed that it is not the red convertible you have been imaging. Duh! A hover craft is going to get you there way faster.


Takeaway: Look first for your true desire, then stay open to all of the answers the universe is sending your way. 


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