Your Emotions Are Communication (SSN)

Spiritually speaking our emotions are said to be guidance from our higher selves. When we feel negative emotions, it is said to be an indication that we are not in alignment with our higher self. There is something we need to focus our attention on so that we can make adjustments in regard to it. Just as your body sends pain and discomfort signals to compel an adjustment in your physical condition, so do your emotions send signals that tell us to make adjustments in our lives. Using our emotions as a tool can be very helpful in identifying areas of our lives to pursue or improve, or when deciding what direction to go in. Does this choice feel good or bad? Paying attention to our emotions can help us know which way to go.

Our emotions affect our bodies health

There has also been much evidence that our emotions can alter our physical bodies. Making us sick or well. I HIGHLY recommend the book, “Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medice” by Candace B. Pert, Ph.D.

Here is a couple quotes from her book:

“…I believe all emotions are healthy, because emotions are what unite the mind and the body… To repress these emotions and not let them flow freely is to set up a dis-integrity in the system, causing it to act at cross-purposes rather than a unified whole.The stress this creates, which takes the form of blockages… is what sets the weakened conditions that can lead to disease… The key is to express it and then let it go, so that it doesn’t fester, or build, or escalate out of control.”

“…But the emotions are a key element in self-care because they allow us to enter into the bodymind’s conversation. By getting in touch with our emotions, both by listening to them and by directing them through the psychosomatic network, we gain access to the healing wisdom that is everyone’s natural biological right…”

By paying attention to our emotions we can bring our selves back into alignment and save ourselves from both feeling like crap and also creating disease.

Other books to look into on this subject include:

“You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay

“Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Aligning our emotions to attract more of the same

Aligning our emotions so that we feel good is important to attracting positive things to us in the future. Which is why with Unscribbling we are constantly switching from feelings of lack, to focusing on the positive, and on what we CAN do and how we can empower ourselves.

Takeaway: Emotions are information, they are not us, but they can be an important tool to tell us to make adjustments and realign ourselves with good thoughts and feelings. With that alignment we will attract more good to us, including good health.

Disclaimer: Our emotions are a tool, but we are not our emotions. Sometimes our emotions and thoughts are influenced by our body chemistry. (If you have ever experienced the illogical anger or sadness that can go with PMS you will understand.) Consistent depression (or even extreme happiness) can be chemically induced. If you have a consistent change in your emotions, please consult your physician. There may be something going on medically in your body that needs attention. Again, use your emotions as a clue. Addressing any physical ailments may be leading you to a new life destiny.


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