Picking a Direction (SSN)

So now you have done all this brainstorming. And you are trying to decide which solution you should start to explore. Oh, the anguish and confusion! Perhaps you should wait for a clear sign from God… oh, what to do? Blah blah blah!

Just start moving and let the rest sort itself out. Do not let this time of decision stop you!

We have already discussed (in the book) possible ways to help you decide which way to go. Including:

1. Realizing that you are just exploring and can change your direction at any time.
2. Trusting your gut and feelings.
3. Engaging in no transaction that does not benefit all involved.
(And using your imagined future and even muscle testing.)

But for those of you who are still stuck and waiting for the Universe to send you a clear sign, let me just say again – stop waiting!

And let me excitedly present this thought to kick you in the butt…

“You don’t even have to move in the correct direction as long as you’re doing your best to move in the direction that seems correct (or as close to correct as you can, however uncertain you may feel). Even moving in the “wrong” direction at least puts you within reach of guidance; and then through serendipities, new friends, and observations, you’ll be gently coaxed into making a legal U-turn.

As long as you want to change, keep busy. Stay active. The more you do, the more opportunities life’s magic will have to reach you.”

“Manifesting Change” By Mike Dooley

Stop waiting for signs! Think about it this way, if you are waiting for a divine sign:

1. Where did the desire come from?
2. Where did the inspiration for the solution come from?
3. Where did the path leading to your solution come from?

You were, and are, being divinely led! Now start to explore, but stay open to other better possible solutions that might crop up along the way, because where are they coming from? Wahooo! Don’t you just love how that works?

Takeaway: Just pick the solution that feels best for now and start exploring it. You can always change direction if and when you need to. But start moving!