We are moving our blogging outreach…

Big News…

We’ve created a new vehicle for our outreach called “Big Heart Living” and will be moving all of our outreach efforts to Big Heart Living going forward.

We will still be exploring problem solving and how to make your dreams come true, but we will also be using the site to promote good thoughts and insights (from wherever I can find them) that can help lead to greater peace, love, happiness, and kindness in the world!

Check it out at: BigHeartLiving.com

Peace, Love, Happiness, and Kindness

And… We Have a New Book!

On another note, I teamed up with my friend, Dena Mercer, and together we created: Unpuzzling Spirituality: An Introduction to Spiritual Thoughts to Create a Big, Happy, Peaceful, and Loving Life (Ages 9 and up). I want to thank you all for your encouragement, advice, and support. Writing the book has been a great experience and with it we are hoping to:

  • To help people of all ages develop their spirituality, know what it is, and how it can influence their lives.
  • To give parents a language and understanding of spirituality so that they can talk to their kids in terms their kids will understand.
  • To ultimately help the world become more peaceful, compassionate, and loving, by helping individuals find a sense of inner peace and understanding.

We will be utilizing BigHeartLiving to help promote some of the ideas from the Unpuzzling Spirituality book too!


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