Book Review: REVEAL – A Sacred Manual for Getting Spiritually Naked by Meggan Watterson

“Happiness comes when all that I am is being utilized. Happiness comes when what exists within me is being shared. Happiness is being aware of the gift of love I possess and then getting blessed with the opportunity to give it away.” 	- Meggan Watterson This book was like sitting down and talking with one of your girlfriends who is also into spirituality… only she is way cooler and has way more amazing stories too. The writing was very approachable and gave a wonderful feminine slant to the spiritual world/religions. (Might be a tad too feminine for most of you dudes, but you should read it anyway for the interesting facts and thoughts throughout.) It is those facts and thoughts that had me thinking, “well, that is interesting!” so many times throughout the book. The best part about them was how Watterson interweaves these teachings about women spiritual leaders/figures (from various religions) in a way that is in no way school booky. Honestly, it is like your cool girlfriend is telling you an interesting story. The only thing I felt that was really missing from this book was photos. The writer reverences images quite often and it would be nice to have those images right there too. (But then again the original Di Vinci Code books books didn’t have them either and that book did fine.) ;o)

 Some bit from the book I particularly liked:

“One of the definitions of a miracle is simply to make wonderful…. a miracle is simply “a shift in perspective.”

“You may not be where you wanted or expected to be at this point in your life, but you can choose to acknowledge that you are right were you need to be.

This does not mean that where you are is not painful or frustrating. But it does mean that you have the power to change your life in an instant, simply by changing your perspective.”

We just cannot underestimate the power of changing our perspective, or our attitude. This tiny little shift can completely transform our experience of everything. AND, it is completely within our control. I love the thought that you have the power to change everything simply by changing your perspective.

“If we didn’t have baggage, if we didn’t have dark, troubling stories in our lives, how would we ever get to practice the power of our love? What if every traumatic event we’ve endured, every regretful choice we’ve made, is actually an opportunity for the soul to spread its wings? We lift the weight of what has held us down by choosing to believe that everything in our lives has happened for our soul’s formation. It has not only happened for a reason but happened exactly when it needed to.”

This is such a good thought to keep in mind when we go through those moments of “why me?” Why you? Well, because you are like everyone else. Because everyone goes through things and has to deal with things at times. EVERYONE. Even the most enlightened among us! And whatever issue you are facing is happening so that maybe you will grow. So choose to grow instead of complain. (People will like you better if you do too.)

“… there is really only one thing of importance in my life – cultivating the capacity to love.”

This theme seems to be coming up more and more and more and more I am seeing it’s truth. Ahhh.

“In those moments when fear eclipses what we want most for our lives, it is crucial to be able to connect to the still, calm voice that has a tight grasp on our greatest potential.”

Love it! Keep calm and listen BEFORE you jump into action. But then remember…

“… the soul-voice is that one voice that is always and in all circumstances the voice of unconditional love. ‘Choose,’ I heard my own soul ask me. ‘Choose love even now.'”

Yep, even when it is hard. But just to clarify, as Watteson will tell you too, don’t forget to love YOURSELF too. Don’t be a doormat in the name of love.

This next quote was an excerpt from an article by Ian McEwan:

“There was really only one thing for her to say, those three words that all the terrible art, the worst pop songs and movies, the most seductive lies, can somehow never cheapen. I love you.

She said it over and again before the line went dead. And that is what they were all saying into their phones, from the hijacked planes and the burning towers. There is only love, and then oblivion. Love was all they had to set against the hatred of their murderers.”

What a shift in perspective about such a horrible event. Amidst everything, so much love poured out into the world. So powerful!

“… I was happy – and it wasn’t the fleeting kind of happiness that relies on something or someone else to maintain it…[I was happy because] every gift that existed within me was called upon.

I found my own definition of happiness; I had tasted it. Happiness comes when all that I am is being utilized. Happiness comes when what exists within me is being shared. Happiness is being aware of the gift of love I possess and then getting blessed with the opportunity to give it away.”

Holy smokes! I love that. Isn’t that just the best feeling ever? When you can contribute with all your gifts and with love to boot? Oh, baby, I love that.

Lots of good bits in this book that will give you plenty to think about.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.

Some interesting thoughts from “F**k It Therapy”

Some quotes to make you think from “F**k It Therapy” by John C. Parkin…

The meaning behind F**k It?

“And so this one beautiful phrase has two opposing applications:
1. To help you let go and slow down.
2. TO help you go for it and get moving.”

“How much time do we spend looking for IT, and generally thinking that ‘this’ is not it?… But the true secret of F**k It Therapy is to see that IT is already here, and IT never went away in the first place.”

“…the problem for most of us is that we worry about things that, with even a little bit of perspective, REALLY DON’T MATTER and we spend so much time and energy worrying about those things that we don’t have enough time and energy for the THINGS THAT OBVIOUSLY DO… we need to say F**k It to those things that really don’t matter so much, and focus on those that do…”

“Don’t ever forget that you’re not your story. Story is ego.”

“What are you scared of? And, underneath, isn’t it all about loss?”

“… it’s not just that the un-faced problems and issues don’t go away, they multiply, because they want your attention. and when you give them attention, that’s when they soften, and you see the love.”

“Resistance IS futile. Give into reality as it is, just as it is. Don’t bother fighting it, resisting it, judging it, questioning it, trying to plan it or learning from it, seeing its higher plan or greater purpose. Get out of gear and slip into neutral.”

Unscribbling is SOOOO all over this thought regarding your wants…

“1. Recognize that you can be happy with what you have, but still ‘wanting’ something else, and the same time.
2. Being clear about what you want, but not being attached to it…
3. Being clear about what you want, but not knowing how you’re going to get it….
Life is happy because the brief is clear, but the ways to achieve it are loose.”

This sooo fits with Unscribbling’s “Stay open to possibilities!”

“By becoming more conscious of how we load each moment with judgement, prejudiced selection, and an agenda, we’re likely to see the ways in which we can become more open.”

“And we probably won’t get ‘it’ fully, ever. But by realizing that we won’t get it, everything about us relaxes, and loosens, so we become more like ‘it’ anyway, which is always soft and loose and moving.”

Interesting thoughts!


FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.

Book Review: “What Make Us Healthy?” by Caroline Myss

I’ll be honest with you, the first time I listened to this my thought was, “Damn! There may be some good content in here, but who likes to be b*tched at for hours on end?” Seriously? If you can’t take tough love, this is NOT the audio book for you. I’m all for the tough love that Caroline Myss is dishing out in the audio, “What makes us Healthy?” I’m all for it, but… listening to it hour after hour is a bit much for even this straight talker. That said, I think this would have translated better as a book.

What Make Us Healthy? by Caroline Myss
In What Makes Us Healthy? best-selling author and internationally renowned speaker Caroline Myss delivers a thought-provoking live lecture on the current state of our health, exploring the mystical forces that create disease or wellness. Describing our evolving-and often misguided-relationship with well-being, Myss explains that to truly be healthy, we need a better understanding of ourselves and the factors that influence our lives. She shows us that we must move away from the illusion that the physical world of money, sex, power, and self-esteem has more authority than the inner world of the psyche and soul. That it is, in fact, our ego that blocks our truth and creates imbalances that lead to illness.
Describing the language of transformation as a sophisticated spiritual journey, Myss shows that healing is an act of the soul: our mind governs our healing, but it is the soul that must lead the way. She teaches us that to truly heal, we must look at the energy of our lives and focus inward-toward the soul and away from the mind.

BUT, if you dare to tough it out and listen to it again, as I did, you will find some great content. And surprisingly it sounded slightly less harsh the second and third time around. Perhaps you get used to it and past the harshness and actually hear the words, or perhaps I am just a wuss and had to get a thicker skin… anyway, tough it out, as there are some great thoughts.

Ms. Myss goes beyond talking about our mind-body connection with our health and brings in the soul-mind-body connection, which is fascinating and takes so many thoughts on healing to another level. You will actually find yourself say, “I need to listen to that again,” as some part of you will know that there is a truth being spoken that you need to hear and incorporate into your life.

Some of the messages that I loved or were resonating with me include:

“It is NOT all about me.”

Basically, she is saying, “get over yourself!” To simplify that thought  it’s saying, if your boss said something to you in a way you didn’t necessarily like – get over it – it might not have had anything to do with you as much as the fact that she broke her toe that morning. It is not all about you/me.


“If your wounds determine your reality, you’re not going to make it… because you can’t see the way it is. All you want is the way you want it to be… “

Are you a victim of your circumstances? You need to switch your thinking in order to heal.


“The importance of honest and integrity is more important than the food we eat and the way we treat out bodies.”

I love this!!! So many people choke down their thoughts, and this does lead to illness in the body. We need to tell the truth, no matter what.


“I can only be an addict because I can’t balance my relationship with truth. I know that my inner world, my inner guidance is more authentic than the outer, but I am not strong enough to follow it. So long as you aren’t strong enough, you are an addict… and you will have to find someone to blame… you become addicted to blaming someone else.”

Love how this is telling you to take responsibility for your life. Stop blaming other people for the way your life is. Accept it and move forward. And follow your inner guidance! We are not all here to live cookie-cutter lives that are exactly like our neighbors or our families. We are here to live our authentic lives. Be who you is, baby!


“This pain is calling me inward…. I need to follow this into myself. Something deeply in me is not congruent, and I need to find out what that is. This is not a pain I drug. It is a pain I listen to. This one is talking to me, because if I listen to it, it will take me to a place where disease will not form. And if I don’t listen to it… it will become a disease… I am a candle in the night taking you to a place where you are lying to yourself, and together we will straighten out that lie. “

I listened to this at the same time I read “Healing Back Pain” by John E. Sarno (if you have back pain read it). As Ms. Myss says, “pain is calling me inward,” and I think Mr. Sarno would agree. Follow your pain and you will find emotional areas that need healing, honesty that needs to be spoken and things that need to be expressed.


“Your only option is to surrender to God, and say, ‘you take over because I can’t manage down here… this is overwhelming… I don’t know what I am doing, so you have to hover over me. Because left to my own devices I will simply want everything for myself. And I will forget that what is in one is in the whole and as above so below…'”

Two points with this one:

1. She often says “Hover over me God.” Which irritated me at first, I think it is because the “god” word has so much baggage attached to it, but I tried it anyway – and darn if it doesn’t just melt away the tension in your shoulders and bring you some instant peace. I like it.

2. “What is in one is in the whole.” She goes on to say something about, “who can I help to heal as I go through this as if it is just for my benefit it is not worth it. Nobody ever asks who else can they help as they deal with their crisis…” I would beg to differ here. I think many foundations are started on the backs of disease of self or a family member. Many books (and blogs) are written to process the pain and help other’s process theirs. We might not outright ask, “who can I help as I deal with my pain?” but we often do act in ways that are about healing more than just ourselves as we deal with our personal pain.

2.5. “What is in one is in the whole.” Often times we feel alone in our pain, but we are all one. You are not alone and your experience may be able to help others. It is still a good thought and questions to bring up. “How can you make you dealing with your pain help others too?”

“Healing is an act of the soul – the mind can not heal.”

Powerful! We can not deny the influence of our mind, but all in all it is the cells that heal internally. The very cells that pulse with the energy of… what can only be our soul’s energy. The same pulse of energy that is in all things – which gets back to “what is in one is in the whole.”

(P.S. If you have not already read Deepak’s “How to know God” do it! He has a whole section in there about quantum physics and spirit/God. EVERYTHING in the world is the result of millions upon millions of pulses of energy at the cellular level. What can that energy be, but spirit/God? – Mind blowing.)


“Heaven waits till you are starving. But what you are generally serve is the thing you end up loving the most. But the thing you never would have ordered on the menu. This stage of evolution is about you developing a starvation appetite for love. But if it was let tup to you, it would be all about you… here, you develop an appetite you can’t figure out what it is. Then one day, somehow, you are in a situation… and you discover you have an ability you didn’t even know you had… and so it begins, your assignment, your awakening. And exactly where you would never choose… you discover you are needed… in a short while you begin to thrive… “

This is just such an exciting thought. Most of the time we just have to get to the point that we will try ANYTHING and then these new experiences that are better than anything we could imagine appear. Ah, dive into the chaos, friends! In the random you will find your inner peace! If you follow where your inner guidance is telling you to go you won’t have to get to that inner point of desperation though.


“I have to get a grip on myself, and I prefer to think it is never me. Not in a narcissistic way, but in a humble way. Thus the grace of humbleness is going to be your great protection as you squeeze yourself down to size. And that will be the greatest lens as we go into understanding how do I reshape my understanding of what happens to me?  How does a virus happen? How do I see things? Unless you can separate yourself from the events and the things and illnesses that happen to you you will never see clearly. And clear sight and truth are going to be your greatest navigating lenses in this new world you live in… in this world… these are systems that run on being congruent and that run on truth. If you are not truthful, you jam your circuits and there is nothing you can do about that… “

Be honest and truthful! And I’ll be honest – I need to think more on the above before I can really make sense of it.

That is kind of how this audio will leave you – getting glimmers of insight, yet knowing you need to contemplate it more to REALLY get it. You will be left slightly confused, yet inspired. Good thing, in this regard, it is an audio book and that makes it easy to listen to it more than once and hopefully get new insights as you need them every time you listen to it.



FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.

Book Review: Eufeeling! The Art of Creating Inner Peace and Outer Prosperity

Eufeeling! The Art of Creating Inner Peace and Outer ProsperityThere are some really great golden nuggets of wisdom in this book… but, like gold, you will have to sift through a lot (in this case words) to get to them. Once you filter through the codewords and mental runarounds you will find your hidden gold though. If you are into spirituality, meditation, Laws of Attraction, Science of Mind, etc. this book has some thoughts that will probably bring you to deeper understanding, and for that it is very much worth the effort. If you are a newbie to any of those though… I’d start with some of the more mainstream teachers and come back to this; the foundation of knowledge will help you to navigate the waters here a bit more.

That said, here are some nuggets for you:

Observe to Center SelfHe discusses how our emotions influence our thinking, which influences or actions, then explores the question, what “holds sway over our emotions?” Answer: Our inner security. He says:

“Whether we are aware of how secure we are or not it still holds sway over every thought, word, and action we perform…

…inner security is based on perception.”

What a great concept to embrace to take back your personal power over your feelings of security. It is your PERCEPTION of your security that will influence your feelings, thoughts and ultimately actions. So how do you perceive the situation to get unwavering security? Through “Pure Awareness” – and pure awareness can help transform your life from the inside out.

By tapping into that pure awareness we can get in touch with our higher self or Eufeeling. Dr. Kinslow defines Eufeeling as “a perception of wholeness, of the first glimmering of awareness of the mind… the lens through which pure awareness creates… Eufeeling and Self are synonymous.” (See what I mean about codewords?)

“Eufeeling anchors your awareness at the deepest, most silent level of your mind, where thoughts are created… As soon as you are settled in the bliss of Eufeeling, you actually become witness to creation. As soon as you are comfortable with your role as witness, you will lean how to create from that most subtle and powerful level of life deep within the mind…

…all created forms emanate from Eufeeling, emanate from your vital essence, from you!”

A large part of this book is teaching you how to get to that Eufeeling. (So again, if you are a Laws of Attraction or Science of Mind person, you may want to check this book out.)

“You may have been told that you are responsible for everything that is happening to you. You may believe that your suffering is indeed your fault. But I see this another way. Whether you suffer in this world depends entirely on your perspective. The problem here is that we think we can create a better life for ourselves. This is an illusion. This is the distorted reflection of the mind through ego, not the clear reflection of pure awareness through Eufeeling.

The reason we can’t create a better life for ourselves is that it is already perfect. The problem is that we don’t recognize that perfection…

…When we suffer, we are actually in a better position to see through the illusion of cause and effect. Someone who is suffering knows that what they are doing is not working. They are more likely to give up the idea that they are in control…

…Life is not about trying to see things in a positive light. Life is the positive light. Ultimately, life is about accepting what is exactly as it is…

…Life flows its own laws and invites us along for the ride…

… In actuality, life… is in control. When we harmonize with those forces, life becomes an effortless flow. When we fight them, living becomes a struggle… What life has in store for us is never what we think. Our thinking is rarely grand enough. Life has more to offer us that we can imagine. So, the best idea is to stop struggling with the idea that you know what is best for you and the rest of the world, and let life take the wheel.”

Don’t think there is no action to be taken in your life though! He point out later that:

“When individual awareness expands to universal awareness, individual action is guided by universal wisdom.”

You are just getting in the flow, letting go of attachments and seeing the perfection of life. (At least that is what I am getting out of it right now.)

So what about desires (since that is a primary topic in Unscribbling), huh?

“When we are aware of Eufeeling, we still have desires, but they cannot grab hold of us; they cannot constrict our minds with harmful emotions…

… [the process] breaks the desire-action-desire cycle, because it satisfies the primal desire to feel whole and beyond harm.”

“It is awareness at the Pure Eufeeling level that makes you the creator of your life. Or more accurately, you become the primal witness beyond the will of ego. Here, you are simultaneously the creator, the creation, and the unbounded awareness within and beyond both.”

“When experiencing Pure Eufeeling, you can do no harm. If you want something that is supported by the laws of nature, you will get it… If you want something that is not right for you, something greater will be offered in its place…

… prepare you to receive without resistance for what is offered.”

This is why we always stay open to possibilities!!! Love this reinforcement of Unscribbling. 🙂

As I mentioned, some really great thoughts here. The above are just a few of the powerful thoughts hidden in this book. As an aside, I would read it in conjunction with Deepak’s “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.” I think the two compliment and add to one another nicely.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.