You are worthy of having your true desires fulfilled (SSN)

You are beautiful.
You are amazing.
You are loved just as you are.
And, yes, you are worthy!
You are worthy of having your true desires fulfilled.

We live in a material world that can feel quite judgmental at times. But on the soul level, we are the same when we look at one another and remember that we are all looking for similar things when it comes down to it – to love and be loved. Everyone is just going about it the best way they know how. We can’t slight anyone for that.

But there are so many people out there who feel less than worthy. We talk about why you are worthy in the book, but here, in this Spiritual Side Note, let’s look at some spiritual perspectives on how you are worthy of having your desires fulfilled.

You are a needed and intregral part of the all. This makes you worthy by default.

“We might see ourselves as if we are separate-but-interlocking pieces in the jigsaw puzzle called Life. When separated, all of the puzzle pieces are different shapes, colors, and patterns. When each piece is in its rightful place, the overall picture becomes visible. This picture would be incomplete if one piece were missing. We are all intimately connected – to each other, to the world.
Science of Mind magazine May 2010

You are worthy, and you are worthy of your desires being fulfilled.

“…you are a spiritual being, living in a limitless spiritual Universe, endowed with the whole potential energy flow of the Universe… Let go of ‘I can’t’ and begin to identify yourself as God’s living enterprise. You are not just an average person. You are YOU, a unique individualization of the universal creative process. Affirm for yourself: I can because I AM!”

You are part of the Universe! So if your true desires are coming from God – how could they be bad? How could you be bad for having them? You are worthy!

And please know that once you know you are worthy of your desire and your desire is worthy of you – the Universe will support you in your efforts to fulfill your desires.

You achieving and accomplishing is only GOOD for the Universe. Your good fortune will not take the fortune from another.

Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics

“Every prayer is made in the presence of the answer, the answer surging the prayer.” Murrel Powell Douglas

You are part of the all. What benefits you will benefit all, so you are worthy of good.

“Returning from the well of self to the place where all souls connect, we discover that while our inner work is engaged individually, each gain of ours truly benefits the whole. If we as a person are happy, healthy, harmonious, and amply supplied, there is one less place in the planet where an absence of these is occurring, plus we are able to contribute more energetically to the collective experience… Today, I feel my connectedness to the common good, aware of how I draw strength from it and contribute back to it with each new positive intention.”
Science of Mind magazine, November 2010, Jesse Jennings

“… you are surrounded by a divine Presence which wishes for you only good because you are expressing its life.”
Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics

You are you in all your wonderfulness. You are worthy of having your desires fulfilled.

Takeaway: You are an integral part of the universe and therefore, by default alone, you are worthy & worthy of having your desires fulfilled.


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The Momentum of Thanking (SSN)

Have you ever been on an elliptical machine? The first time I tried it, things started off well. But then the momentum just kept building and building, and soon I was going so fast I could not keep up with myself. Arms and legs where flying every which way, my face got more and more red, and the sweat began to hit my neighbors.

I thought the machine sped up, but it turns out (as it was explained to me later), that it was my own momentum speeding things up, and I was in control of the speed all the while. Duh!

Well “Thank You’s” are a little like that elliptical machine, they can build momentum all on their own. (Or not, it’s up to you.)

There are a couple of ways that your “Thank You’s” can build momentum:

1. Thanking & acknowledging those around you.
People crave acknowledgement. This is natural; we all want to love and be loved back. Thanking can be a great way to say, “I see you. I see the difference you make. I appreciate you and all that you do.”

In all your activities, look for reasons to say “Thank you!” When you do so, you will really be looking, seeing, and acknowledging others. What a wonderful free gift you can give another. Once people feel appreciated, they naturally want to contribute more. This is not necessarily the end you are looking for, but what a nice bonus, huh?

The more you thank, the more things you will find to be thankful for. It’s a natural human cycle.

2. Thanking the Universe.
So what about thanking God? Does God really hear us, and does it even make a difference to God? I often think about this when I see football players thanking God after a big play and I have to wonder. Does God really care that much about the outcome of a football game? Perhaps, but I doubt it. I seriously doubt that God would feel slighted in the least. I think he has a lot more going on than worrying about that.

In the case of thanking God, let’s look at this quote:

“Will God be disturbed if you do not return thanks? Will God say, ‘Such an ingrate!’ The fact is, it does not make any difference to God whether you give thanks or not. But it makes a lot of difference to you. God is too universal, too almighty, to be dependent on your thanksgiving… You are not obligated to thank God for your life, for your job, for your prosperity. However, giving thanks is an important state of your consciousness that keeps you in an awareness of oneness with divine flow…”

“So you give thanks, not FOR these things, but FROM the awareness that there is always an all-sufficiency even within the insufficiency.”

Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics

You can not offend God. The Universe is all accepting. Accepting both the saint and the sinner, the thankful and the unthankful.

But thanking the Divine can have a huge impact on you, because the act of thanking helps to shift your internal consciousness. (Out of which all things are co-created in your life.)

Our thoughts become our mind’s habits. Our habits help create our consciousness. If you keep thanking and looking for ways to be thankful, your core being will just start to radiate thankfulness. Can you imagine the kind of energy you will project? Can you imagine the positive people you will attract? Can you imagine the opportunities? The possible new solutions to fulfill your desires?

So either way – by thanking the individuals around you or by thanking the divine – it is only natural that the more you thank, the more momentum you will build and the more you will find to be thankful for. It is only natural.

Takeaway: The more you thank, the more you will find to be thankful for. (Even if you don’t thank God.)

(And the next time you see a football player thanking God, perhaps use it as a signal to take a moment and identify something you can be thankful for too. That’s a much better reaction than throwing your popcorn at the TV because he just scored against your team. ;o) )


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Yes, you need to take action! (SSN)

Yes, you can sit by the phone and wait for a call that will solve all your problems, BUT more often than not, the answer to your desires and prayers will come only when you start to take action!

I know some of you Laws of Attraction fans out there are going to blast me for this. And yes, sometimes the solutions just call you up after you have been thinking about them. But think of it this way; each step you take toward your desire is you affirming with the Universe that yes, you do intend to manifest your intention in your life.

So let me blast you with some some of my favorite quotes on this matter.

“God can do no more FOR you then God can do THROUGH you.”
Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics

THROUGH YOU! Did you hear that? Things don’t just happen TO you and FOR you, they happen THROUGH you and through your actions, as well as your thoughts.

“That which you are seeking is seeking you.”

Won’t it happen faster if you meet it half way?

“I pray like everything depends on God; then I work as if everything depends on me.”
-George Washington Carver

If you want to write that best seller, build that home, get that degree, etc. you can pray all you want, but you are going to have to work too!

“But more often than not, you have to do something. You actually have to take action. You have to participate in the manifestation process, because it’s a co-creation process. You do something, and the universe… also kicks in and does its part. It’s a joint effort here.”
Joe Vitale, “The Awakening Course”

CO-CREATION!!! Meaning both are making efforts.

“It’s incumbent upon us to physically move in the general direction of our dreams…There cannot be happy accidents, lovely serendipities, or so-called coincidences if we’re just sitting on our couches with a vision board, waiting for Oprah to call!”
Mike Dooley, “Manifesting Change”

This is why we always stay open to other possibilities. Because while you are moving toward your intention, the Universe just might send you a faster route to get there. Pay attention!

“Actions make beautiful prayers.”

This was a post by my friend Raina on her Facebook page. So I am not sure where it came from, but I love it! And what a great way for the spiritual among us to think about it – actions make beautiful prayers, so when you pray, move your ass!

Takeaway: Take action toward achieving your desires.


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Picking a Direction (SSN)

So now you have done all this brainstorming. And you are trying to decide which solution you should start to explore. Oh, the anguish and confusion! Perhaps you should wait for a clear sign from God… oh, what to do? Blah blah blah!

Just start moving and let the rest sort itself out. Do not let this time of decision stop you!

We have already discussed (in the book) possible ways to help you decide which way to go. Including:

1. Realizing that you are just exploring and can change your direction at any time.
2. Trusting your gut and feelings.
3. Engaging in no transaction that does not benefit all involved.
(And using your imagined future and even muscle testing.)

But for those of you who are still stuck and waiting for the Universe to send you a clear sign, let me just say again – stop waiting!

And let me excitedly present this thought to kick you in the butt…

“You don’t even have to move in the correct direction as long as you’re doing your best to move in the direction that seems correct (or as close to correct as you can, however uncertain you may feel). Even moving in the “wrong” direction at least puts you within reach of guidance; and then through serendipities, new friends, and observations, you’ll be gently coaxed into making a legal U-turn.

As long as you want to change, keep busy. Stay active. The more you do, the more opportunities life’s magic will have to reach you.”

“Manifesting Change” By Mike Dooley

Stop waiting for signs! Think about it this way, if you are waiting for a divine sign:

1. Where did the desire come from?
2. Where did the inspiration for the solution come from?
3. Where did the path leading to your solution come from?

You were, and are, being divinely led! Now start to explore, but stay open to other better possible solutions that might crop up along the way, because where are they coming from? Wahooo! Don’t you just love how that works?

Takeaway: Just pick the solution that feels best for now and start exploring it. You can always change direction if and when you need to. But start moving!

The Power of Patience (SSN)

After you put a request out to the universe, you need to be patient and allow the best inspiration and solutions to come to you. And yes, most of the time it will take awhile, and you will need to be patient. This isn’t a bad thing.

Remember how, in “The Secret,” they demonstrate that if there was instant gratification to everything we thought about there could be disastrous results? They use the example of thinking about an elephant. Having an elephant instantly appear in your house after thinking about one would probably not be a good thing.

The wait will do a couple of great things for you though:

1. It will make you appreciate when your desires come to life all the more. Did any of you out there marry later in life, like me? Wow, does that help you appreciate the right partner more than if they just instantly appeared the day you turned 18. I’m not saying young lovers don’t appreciate their partners, but I think you get my point. When solutions take a little while to manifest, we tend to treasure them all the more.

2. It will give the universe time to bring us the best possible inspiration & solutions. We can’t see everything in this moment; by giving the process some time, we leave room for the universe to provide us BETTER solutions than we could imagine in an instant.

But while you are being patient and holding the question in your mind (some might call it a prayer) listen and keep your eyes open.

“Whenever an answer, a solution, or a creative idea is needed, stop thinking for a moment by focusing attention on your inner energy field. Become aware of the stillness. When you resume thinking, it will be fresh and creative. In any thought activity, make it a habit to go back and forth every few minutes or so between thinking and an inner kind of listening, an inner stillness.”
– Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

When you can quiet the mind, great inspiration has a chance to flood in. As inspiration flows in, take time to explore the possibilities and fantasize about the possible solutions and what they might be like. The more emotion and delight you put into this type of thinking the better.

Then allow the Universe to do what it does and present you with new solutions or paths to answer your question and fulfill your desires.

“The point being, even though we have little to no control over the hows, we have the supreme power to choose our end results that will set those hows in motion for us… grasping this will instill within you the patience and confidence necessary for you to begin enjoying the journey (and the wait), giving universal principles the opportunity to do their part, however long they may take.”
“Manifesting Change” By Mike Dooley

First you need to have a little patience with receiving the inspiration, then you need to have a little patience with receiving the results. But when the results come, you will appreciate them all the more!

Takeaway: Practicing patience will allow more and better inspirations and solutions to present themselves.


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Ask the question (SSN)

Before answers can come, a question must be made…

Ask, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you: For everyone who asks receives; and everyone who searches finds; and everyone who knocks the door will be opened. Matthew 7: 7-8

“One of the unerring Truths in the Universe is that there is already provided a lavish abundance for every human want. In other words, the supply of every good always awaits the demand. Another Truth is that the demand must be made before the supply can come forth to fill it.”
– H. Emilie Cady, Lessons in truth

This is why you ask the question. You send out the request to the Universe! You activate the Laws of Attraction with your questions.

When in doubt, try this:

“Invariably, the question to ask when stumped is: ‘What am I not thinking of that I could be thinking of?’ Or put another way, ‘What am I not considering that’s otherwise obvious?”
– Mike Dooley “Manifesting Change”

Takeaway: In order to receive an answer, you have to first ask the question.

The “Need” to Know God (SSN)

I feel like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is missing something. I feel like it is missing being able to understand your relationship with God/the Universe/All. I’m not sure if it should actually top the pyramid or perhaps it should be the base, or perhaps….

…the more you understand your relationship with All and have faith in God,  the other needs actually start to dissolve into known givens….

Actually, I think with a few core beliefs, we start to take care of the needs. So let’s approach it like scientists.

IF, we believe (as I do, and perhaps you don’t):

1. God is in everyone and everything.

2. The entire world is interconnected. Your thoughts and actions affect the world you experience and influence.

3. Your inner attitude and thoughts will change your experience of the physical world. You are a co-creator of your experience. (Yes, I 100% believe in the Laws of Attraction.)

4. You are a unique being, created with the gifts you have to serve a purpose in the universe. Embrace who you are while allowing others to be themselves; to learn and grow with their gifts, at their pace.

5. The universe always provides me what I desire or a path to what I desire. (Sometimes we just need to Unscribble it to find that path.)

6. Our actions can be out of love or ego. When we follow love, we all benefit. When we follow ego we struggle and feel pain.

(See complete list of what I believe here.)


The need for Self-Actualization –
1. Morality – When we see all as one, we work to build the all. We naturally act in moral ways that help and build one another up, instead of tear them down.

2. Creativity – We see our Self as a co-creator with divine. We no longer have the need to create, because we know we are constantly co-creating with God.

3. Spontanaity – We are free to act spontaneously, for we are living more in the present, with less worry for the future and regrets over the past.

4. Problem Solving – Problems are no longer problems, just opportunities in disguise.

5. Lack of Prejudice – When we see all as one, we have no need for prejudices. Our friend down the street is not just our brother, but us.

6. Acceptance of Facts – We no longer see the world or the situation as wrong. It is as it is, as it should be, as we co-created, in order to help us grow and expand.

The Need for Esteem

1. Self-Esteem & Confidence – We know we are part of all. We are loved, we are wanted, in this we find confidence.

2. Achievement – It is no longer about our egos. Individual achievement is about your ego, not your connection with all. Or perhaps you now measure achievement differently.

3. Respect OF Others – Of course you respect others; all is one. You accept others as they are, where they are, in life.

4. Respect BY Others – Again this is ego based. You no longer need their respect. You know you are being you and being the best you can be. It no longer matters what others think.

The Need for Love/Belonging 

Before we even get to the list, you know you are loved by God and you know you belong, because if you were not needed here, you wouldn’t be here!

1. Friendship – When you act out of love and generosity, as you would when you are secure in your relationship with God – of course people will want to be friends with you!

2. Family – As you accept more, you see how family does not have to be blood relationships. You can form your “family” with whomever you choose. And the players may change over time, and there is nothing wrong with that.

3. Sexual Intimacy – Sex is great, but as we have discussed, there is more than one way to fulfill any desire. The true desire behind sex can be many things. When you know there are options to fulfill your desires – well, you know you have options. Knowing you can fulfill your desires often helps to dissolve the focus on the perceived lack.

The Need for Safety

1. Of Body, Family, Health, Morality & Property – If you know you are a co-creator of your experience, you will create an environment that is safe. When is the last time you really felt unsafe?

2. Of Employment & Resources – Two quotes from Erik Butterworth’s “Spiritual Economics” make the point:

“A person who keeps conscious that the divine flow is ever centered within one has faith that limitless substance will find expression through him or her in the form of creative ideas, ingenuity, the will to work, and a security of work opportunities.”

“The Universe owes you a living! Yes, we are saying owes you a living. Note: We are not saying the world owes you a living. Actually, the world owes you nothing. You are a creative expression of the Universe, with the responsibility to let your light shine. Thus you owe the world a life. But in all the many ways you apply yourself in the world, the Universe owes you complete support.”

The Physiological Needs

(Breath, Food, Water, Sex, Sleep, Homeostasis, Excretion)

This one is harder to see, but let me share some great thoughts from a few others to delve into this:

From Deepak Chopra’s “The Third Jesus: The Christ We cannot Ignore”

“God will provide…

‘And can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your span of life?
And why do you worry about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; yet I tell you even Solomon in all his glory was not clothed like one of these. But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is alive today, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will He not much more clothe you, you of little faith?’ Matthew 6:27-30

In the sermon on the mount, Jesus offers an idea so simple and revolutionary that it overturns everything we assume about existence. The idea is this: let God take care of everything. In this verse, even the most basic necessity, clothing, is given over to God. But Jesus knew that the making of clothes requires work. So, what could he mean by saying that God provides it?

The crux of the matter is freedom. If you are free from the burden of toil, worry and suffering, you can see that everything is provided by nature. Normally we think of ourselves as complex creatures, the exact opposite of lilies in a field, because our existence depends on struggle. In Jesus’ eyes this is a mistake. Since we are closer to God in our ability to be aware, God provides for us even more than he provides for plants and animals. But the way he provides isn’t the same. Being conscious we receive our sustenance through the mind. The physical world itself came from God’s mind and when we draw close to God, all of creation becomes part of us. In a very real sense, we are clothed by divine glory. Without faith, this glory is hidden from sight. We feel that the world is separate from us. And often hostile to our needs. It is necessary for Jesus in his higher state of consciousness to hold out a vision that will free us from this limited perception. Once that happens, we find ourselves basking effortlessly in glory. Like the lilies of the field, believe in a vision, but…

strive first for the kingdom of God and all of these things will be given to you as well. So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today. Matthew 6:33-34

…He has built up to this moment .. be declaring that God takes care of all the necessities of life – food, clothing, shelter… [Jesus says to:] Work towards the highest vision. The Kingdom of God is an inner state. Instead of pointing to anything in the outer world, Jesus points here -where reality is created and therefore where it can be fulfilled.

But remember…

“God can do no more for you than God can do through you.”
-Erik Butterworth, “Spiritual Economics”

I must admit that I started this post with the intention or thought that knowing God and understanding your relationship to all was just part of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs… but I let it flow out, and lead me where it would. (I love it when that happens!) Now it seems like our relationship to All is the basis through which all your needs could be met.

This one is making my mind spin… I’ll try to think on it more and add more later. 😉

BUT, I will contend that by working the Unscribbling process you are creating the same mind set as above. And as we know, the book presents it in a non-religious or spiritual way.

Takeaway: The “needs” dissolve with faith and understanding.


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A True Desire is Not to HAVE but to BE (SSN)

Building upon the idea that behind every want is a deeper desire for a feeling or an experience you would like to have, let’s look at another brilliant quote from “Spiritual Economics” by Eric Butterworth:

“The exciting truth is you can have all that you desire. It is a concept that raises a lot of false expectations and gives rise to many objections. You may say ‘I certainly have desired many things that have not been realized.’ But we have not really listened to our desires, because our consciousness is too often centered in sense appetites and covetous urges. A true desire is not to HAVE but to BE. We are whole creatures in potential, and the true purpose of desire is to unfold that wholeness, to become what we can be. As Goethe says, ‘Desire is the presentiment of our inner abilities, and the forerunner of our ultimate accomplishments.’ “

Keeping this quote in mind, go beyond asking yourself what feeling or experience you are looking to have and ask yourself:

  • Who and what do I want to BE?
  • What part of my complete self do I want to experience?
  • What inner ability do I want to develop?

Takeaway: A true desire is not to have but to be.


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He would not give up his buts (SSN)

For those of you not coming to this link from the book, we are discussing how to eliminate the “buts” that we add on to our desires. For instance: I want to lose weight, but I don’t have time to work out. We are discussing how to look at the “but” and find the desire in the but in order to solve for that “problem/desire.” In this case, a possible desire hidden in the but is: “I desire more free time away from responsibilities.”

The point is to move past your buts and excuses and create the life you desire.

In my research and reading, I came across this quote and just wanted to share it with the you guys.…

“There is a lesson in the Bible about a man who is waiting by the baptismal pool to be healed by the waters that have been stirred by an angel. He had been there, lame, for thirty-eight years. Jesus asks him if he would like to be healed. The man says, “Yes, but…” He then starts to give all sorts of excuses as to why he cannot be healed. There really was only one reason: He would not give up his “buts.”… In order for us to move forward in our lives, we must let go of the word but as an excuse. The Bible lesson mentioned above ends with Jesus saying to the man, “Pick up thy bed and walk.” The interesting thing to note here is that Jesus does not reach down to help the man up; he doesn’t even offer his hand. He simply says to get up. Once we give up our buts, we get to live our lives full out without any excuses…”
Science of Mind magazine, August 2010, Eugene D. Holden

Give up your “but” and move on with your life. Give up your limited thinking and see that there is a solution to every desire. This is so-so-so one of the main points I want to get through with Unscribbling – stop making excuses! Look for solutions to your true desires.

We will talk more about being a victim later, but for now, acknowledge that your buts are your own invention. For within every desire is a solution. In your but is a desire. Look for that and solve for that. (For those of you who don’t have the book, let me just say that makes a TON more sense in the context of the book. Sorry about this vague post.)

Takeaway: Stop making excuses. Stop focusing on your lack and see the possibilities and the solutions that are always present.

Unanswered Prayers (SSN)

So if we are deserving of having our desires fulfilled, how come sometimes they are not fulfilled? How come some of our prayers go unanswered?

If you are a LOA (Laws of Attraction) person, it is as simple as this….

“Almost everyone prays at one time or another. Why then are so many prayers unanswered? For many reasons! One is that, even as we pleaded, we held in the back of our mind all the reasons why our desires might NOT be granted. Then, when our mental blockages prevented the answer, we said something like, ‘Perhaps it is not God’s will that I receive this answer.’ This is a form of blasphemy. We blamed God for what our own minds were doing.

Providence does not implant desires within us in order to mock us, but in order that they be fulfilled. The blocking of man’s worthy desires is against the laws of nature.”

“Basic Principles of the Science of Mind” By Dr. Fredrick Bailes

If you believe that all things happen for a reason, try this on for size… Unanswered prayers and struggles are,

“a force that appears to be negative, but actually shows you how to realize your Personal Legend. It prepares your spirit and your will, because there is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission in earth.”
Paulo Coehlo – the Alchemist

What do I believe? Both.

1. I believe that I must feel worthy and eliminate any mental blockages to receive.

2. I believe that struggles are here to help me clarify my thoughts, return to thoughts of inclusion and love, and to steer me in a direction that is better for me than I could have possibly imagined. Or, teach me something I need to learn to support me in fulfilling my desires.

When I pray, visualize, and make intentions for my desires, I always wish for “that, or something better.”* I trust the universe to know that something else might be better for me.

The other thing to note in both of the above quotes, is that the desire actually originated with source. (Read, “Where did your desire come from?”) Be clear that you are deserving and keep yourself open to the possibilities. Your prayer will be answered. It just might not be exactly the way you thought it would be. And THAT could be even better for you!

Takeaway: If your prayer feels unanswered, go back and make sure you are clear in your desire, your worthiness of that desire, and look for possible solutions you had not even imagined.

P.S. This is exactly why we ALWAYS stay open to other solutions in the Unscribbling process.

*I learned to ask for, “that, or something better” from one of my amazing mentors, Carol Tucker-Andrix. She teaches Science of Mind classes in Chicago. Drop me a line if you would like more info on contacting her.