There is such a buzz about the Laws of Attraction – and rightfully so, because it works!

In Unscribbling: the art of problem solving and fulfilling your desires LOA is at work in EVERY step, BUT the book never says it is the Laws of Attraction. Yep, that is right, this is a sneaky little book that teaches the LOA without coming out and saying so… well, I just did, but I figure if you found this page it is because you are a LOA fan (as am I).

The Problem Solving ProcessStep 1: Become Aware
In this step you sort through all the clutter and clearly define what you desire.

Step 2: Intend
Now intend it!

Step 3: Brainstorm
Set your brain and the universe in motion looking for solutions for you.

Step 4: Decide which way to go
With LOA, the universe is sending us solutions, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to make an effort and move towards your desire.

Step 5: Exploring
You make a decision as to the option you want to pursue, move towards your intentions, BUT ALWAYS STAY OPEN!!! The universe could be sending you better solutions.

Step 6: Thank
Expressing your gratitude will attract to you even more things to be grateful for!

If you are a LOA fan like me, this book can help you to actually learn how to “detach from the solution,” “how to stay open to solutions,” learn where your desires come from and more!

OR, if you have a friend you have been trying to teach LOA too, but they just aren’t into the spiritual part of it all, Unscribbling is the perfect non-spiritual approach to the topic.

Read how Unscribbling is “Spirituality Optional”

Read some of the Spiritual Side Notes that are “Extras” in Unscribbling

Buy the Kindle version of Uncribbling Looking for a print version of Unscribbling? Click here!

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