You can fulfill your dreams and desires when you know how to problem solve.

Fulfill your desires and make your dreams come true!

This book helps you find your true desires, explore ways to fulfill your desires, and create an actionable plan to fulfilling your desires and make your dreams come true. It does this by demonstrating key problem seeking and solving strategies.

How does problem solving fit with fulfilling your desires?

Simple – behind every problem there is a desire. With every desire you need to figure out how to get there (a problem to solve).

AND we are going to work to fulfill your TRUE desires. Which might not be what you THINK you want on the surface.

Oh yeah, you didn’t think it would be THAT easy did you? (If it was, why would I write a whole book about it?) And yet, once you know and understand the PROCESS fully, problem solving is easier than you think.

What is a true desire?

Unscribbling is about plunging into our wants, desires, and dreams in order to discover their core. Then we use our true desires as a guidance system to help them come to fruition. (Isn’t it exciting?!!!… I think it is anyway.)

Buy the Kindle version of Uncribbling Looking for a print version of Unscribbling? Click here!

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