Ok, seriously, how can a book promise peace of mind and not be some woowoo book for a bunch of quacks?

Peace of Mind through Problem Solving!

Good question! But the answer is simple.

The greatest benefit I have found from developing a problem solving consciousness is that we are free to thoroughly immerse ourselves in the present moment, enjoy the flow of life, and find a peace of mind that comes with the confidence of a peaceful mind.

Now, don’t get me wrong. By being peaceful and present in the moment, I am not suggesting that you spend the rest of your life meditating (unless you really desire to do that). Meditation is good, but unless you are hooked up to an IV and a waste disposal system there will be limits to how long you can do that. Even then, our bodies were meant to move. If we have the ability to move and do not take advantage of that, I feel we would be wasting a precious gift. The unscribbling process I am suggesting is a way to find some inner peace in the “real world.”

By “inner peace,” I mean a mental (and/or spiritual) state of being that allows us to stay calm and peaceful when faced with life’s highs and lows. We can find that calm state of being in the real world by empowering ourselves with the skills to solve whatever problems come our way. When we know how to solve problems, we have equipped ourselves with the ability to make all of our true desires come to light.

Knowing that we are capable of making our desires come true makes the present so much more enjoyable. Instead of being frustrated that you cannot meet a certain goal or that you are not “there” yet, you can feel content knowing that if you truly desire it, there IS a way to achieve your desire. You can unscribble whatever you are facing! You just need the skills (and the desire) to do it. Then, it is just a matter of time before your desires are realized. Oh baby, how does life get better than this?


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