Throughout the Unscribbling book, you will find Spiritual Side Notes (SSN) as well as some extra links to bonus material. Below you will find a list of the writings that go along with the various parts of the book. As I will repeatedly state, you DO NOT need to have the same spiritual beliefs as me (or any) in order to learn how to Unscribble. Here’s the reason for the notes: throughout the writing of this book, I kept having the urge to interject a few spiritual thoughts or share some great quotes I have found on the subject. So this is where and how I have chosen to share those thoughts. Click here to learn more about how the book is NOT spiritual. So you don’t have to read the notes if they’re not for you; but for the spiritually minded among you, I look forward to both sharing and learning & expanding my thoughts through your comments on the following spiritual side notes.

I’ll warn you, I have used quite a few quotes from some great minds in these posts, but hopefully once you read them you will understand why I felt the urge to share them with you. ;o)

Here are the Spiritual Side Notes that are currently posted:

Intro to the Spiritual Side Notes (SSN)

Takeaway: Unscribbling is NOT a spiritual book, but I have spiritual thoughts too and this is where I will be sharing some of them.

Part 1 – The Process

From “Step 1: Become Aware”

Step 1 is the most in-depth part of the book: becoming aware of your true desires, before you look for ways to fulfill them. 

Your Emotions Are Communication (SSN)
Takeaway: Emotions are information, they are not us, but they can be an important tool to tell us to make adjustments and realign ourselves with good thoughts and feelings. With that alignment we will attract more good to us, including good health.

Frustrations and Struggles are Here to Help (SSN)
Takeaway: Your frustrations are a part of life to be used as a tool.

Frustrations are only in your mind, as your interpretation of the situation. With the Universe’s capabilities there is always a way to fulfill your desires. Know that you can move past any frustration.

There is a gift of clarification or a new direction hidden in your frustration.

Wants Keep You Attached (SSN)
Takeaway: Look first for your true desire, then stay open to all of the answers the universe is sending your way.

Focus on Your Desire, NOT Your Problem (SSN)
Takeaway: Focusing on what you DO desire, not on the problem and you will move you forward.

Work to Change ONLY Yourself (SSN)
Takeaway: Work to change only yourself. It’s not your job to presume you know what is best for another.

Another’s desire to change, must come from them, but… (SSN)
Takeaway: Another’s desire to change must come from themselves, not from you. Keep yourself focused on the life YOU desire. Your new thoughts will bring about the changes you want to see in YOUR life. Let that inspire and/or influence as it will.

You Can Only Be You (SSN)
Takeaway: Be who you is. Be YOURSELF and follow YOUR desires.

Your Purpose in Life (SSN)
Takeaway: The ultimate purpose you assign to life is your choosing. For me, I feel my purpose is to: fulfill a role within the greater whole, to grow as an individual through our experiences, and to enjoy life.

Where did your desire come from? (SSN)
Takeaway: You are part of the Universe. You are part of God. You are worthy. But it is up to you to start moving towards your desires in order to obtain them.

Unanswered Prayers (SSN)
Takeaway: If your prayer feels unanswered, go back and make sure you are clear in your desire, your worthiness of that desire, and look for possible solutions you had not even imagined.

He would not give up his buts (SSN)
Takeaway: Stop making excuses. Stop focusing on your lack and see the possibilities and the solutions that are always present.

A True Desire is Not to HAVE but to BE (SSN)
Takeaway: A true desire is not to have but to be.

The “Need” to Know God (SSN)
Takeaway: The “needs” dissolve with faith and understanding.

From “Step 3: Ask the Question”

Ask the Question (SSN)
Takeaway: In order to receive an answer, you have to first ask the question.

The Power of Patience (SSN)
Takeaway: Practicing patience will allow more and better inspirations and solutions to present themselves.

From Step 4: “Deciding which way to go?”

Picking a direction (SSN)
Takeaway: Just pick the solution that feels best for now and start exploring it. You can always change direction if and when you need. But start moving!

From Step 5: “EXPLORING; Transforming the Dream(er) to a Vision(ary)”

Yes, you need to take action! (SSN)
Takeaway: Take action towards achieving your desires.

From: Step 6: “THANK”

The Momentum of Thanking (SSN)
Takeaway: The more you thank, the more you will find to be thankful for. (Even if you don’t thank God.)

Part 2- Things to Keep in Mind on the Road while Unscribbling

You are worthy of your desires

You are worthy of having your true desires fulfilled (SSN)
Takeaway: You are an integral part of the universe and therefor, by default alone, you are worthy & worthy of having your desires fulfilled.

Clearing your mind of negative thoughts (SSN)
Takeaway: Get the book “The Awakening Course” by Joe Vitale and learn about the “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you” clearing statement.

Where is your mood/worth coming from? (SSN)
Takeaway: Determine your mood and feelings of worth from within out, don’t let them fluctuate with the highs and lows of external factors.

You don’t really desire money

Money is not security (SSN)
Takeaway: True security will come when you “achieve the consciousness through which the substance will flow forth when you need it.”

Playing it safe

Sameness is not security either… (SSN)
Takeway: You can have a sense of security even as life changes.

The Limitations of Labels (SSN)
Takeaway: To truly understand anyone (including yourself) resist the urge to label them.

Responsibility vs. Victim (SSN)
Takeaway: Take responsibility for your life and situation to empower yourself to create the life you desire.

Matthew Ferry on the Drunk Monkey (SSN)
Takeaway: Your mind is working to make you “safe”, but… safe will not help you to fulfill your desires. Tame the monkey!

Welcome struggles

Maybe your the supporting character in a struggle, not the protagonist? (SSN)
Takeaway: Sometimes you are playing a roll for someone else’s drama. Even so, you still need to act like you are the main character and Unscribble yourself to the life you desire.

The bigger picture of struggles & “Angelic Agitators” (SSN)
Takeaway: There is a lesson in any struggle (or agitating person). Each struggle allows you to learn and grown and become a better person because of it.

Changing your attitude

There are no bad things (SSN)
Takeaway: There are no bad things, only things that help you to learn, grow, and evolve towards the live you desire.

The “Poor Me” drama from the Celestine Prophecy (SSN)
Takeaway: Knowing your default control drama will help you to transcend the behavior. It will help you to transcend complaining.