Is this book spiritual? No, BUT... we do have side notes.Is this a spiritual book? Nope.

You do not need to follow any particular spiritual belief system in order to learn how to solve your problems and fulfill your dreams. (God does not discriminate!) And the book does not contain, preach or try to convert anyone to believe any particular belief system.

Nothing – Nada – Zip!

So why have a section called “Spiritual?” on this site?

Because for me to completely deny my spiritual thoughts would not be presenting my true authentic self. And if I did that, what would be the point? You need to “Be Who You Is”! (See “Do you have a paradigm in your imagined future that does not fit with your unique self?” in the Unscribbling Book for further thoughts on being who you is.)

Although I am a spiritual person, I am going to try to keep that out of this book as much as possible. I find that for the people who are not spiritually minded, the mere mention of anything spiritually oriented can be a huge turnoff. So I fear that if I even mention anything of the sort, it might make you miss out on the valuable process that we will be talking about here.

But, but, but, but….  for the more spiritually minded among you, throughout the book you will find QR tags & links that will link to various “Spiritual Side Notes”  (Click here to find a list of the Spiritual Side Notes).

So what do I believe?

I am definitely a “Laws of Attraction” girl! What we think about we create in our lives. That is one of the main reasons I like to focus on SOLUTIONS and problem SOLVING vs. problems. Focusing on solutions, not the lack or problem.

If YOU are a believer of the Laws of Attraction, this book will help take you over the edge with your attracting! For what many people miss in trying to attract the life they want is the fact that they have to MOVE towards what they want. Yes, that is right, you often need to take ACTION towards your desires to let the Universe know that you really want what you say you want.

For an expanded answer as to what I spiritually believe, click here.

The Unscribbling process will help you:

  1. Become aware of your TRUE desires
  2. Set your Intention (this is where most teaching lets off)
  3. Brainstorm solutions
  4. Start to explore your chosen solution
    This is the kicker though: We do all of this while staying open to other, possibly better, solutions that the Universe might present to us!!!! Woohoo!
  5. Say Thank You!
Together we can get YOU living the life you desire!