You Can Only Be You (SSN)

You can only be you and what a wonderful you you are. (We’ll get more into life purpose in the next post. For now, let’s look at your uniqueness.)

There is no way infinite intelligence would have made a mistake with you. You were created exactly as you are for a reason, so don’t fight your uniqueness – embrace it!

“Faith is really your consent to let your own uniqueness unfold and to let that which is attracted by your uniqueness manifest in your life. Thus when Jesus said, ‘All things are possible to them that believe,’ he did not say that a swan can become a duck or that a nonmusical person can become a concert pianist. You can not become something that is not the outforming of your own inner potential. You can only BE you. However you can unfold more of the you that may have been long frustrated.”

– Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics

If you’re a duck, be a duck! (But be the best duck you can be.) If God had wanted you to be a cat – guess what, you would be one. If God had wanted you to be 6’4″ and have a fantastic vertical leap – guess what, you would be tall and be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

You are so wonderful in your uniqueness. So wanted in this universe just the way you are. You are here with your wonderful uniqueness for a reason – go with that. Go with your strengths.

If you are forcing yourself to be/do/act in a way that is contrary to your unique self, this will only cause you undo stress and hardship.

“As fully functioning persons we know that we have a right to be what we are, even if what we are is not compatible with what we have learned to be. We have a right to choose our own selves, even if that self is different from the selves of others. We have a right to feel as we do even if those feelings are frowned upon by others. This does not mean that we have a right to inflict ourselves upon others any more than we would desire to have others inflict themselves upon us. It does mean we have the right to choose, develop and live congruently with ourselves and to share without apology.”

-Leo F. Buscaglia, Ph.D. in Personhood

Be yourself, whomever the who you are. Share of your gifts without apology, and allow others to be themselves too.

And for those of you past life believers:

“By this lifetime, after riding your tidal wave throughout eternity, you knew exactly the kind of adventures that would electrify you. You knew exactly the kind of challenges that would help get you to the next level once they were faced. These are the reasons you’re here now.

Therefore, in a very real manner of speaking, given the tidal wave of energy and intent that delivered you to this round of time and space, your life, while still in your hands and entirely subject to your decision, comes somewhat pre-equipped with its own infinite PROBABLITIES. And when you now choose to work within those probabilities, which are simply a reflection of the greater and present-day you, you’ll meet with less resistance, unleash greater synchronicities, and generally find success and happiness far more plentiful…

One of the plainly evident facets of living in time and space is that we all have free will. Yet when you are choosing from the paths ahead that are in line with your own extraordinary uniqueness (who-all-that you are), this is when the floodgates begin to tremble. Suddenly, you’re working within your own set of infinite probabilities, or far more simply stated, finally just being yourself…

When you honor your own extraordinary uniqueness, opportunities suddenly come to you. And for every day, week, month, and year that you stay true to yourself, life gets easier and easier – to the point where you experience a momentous upward spiral of successes that begins gathering its own momentum.”

– Mike Dooley, “Manifesting Change”

Now that is even better – you chose your uniqueness! Your soul desired to be exactly as you are. So why fight it? Be your unique you!

Takeaway: Be who you is. Be YOURSELF and follow YOUR desires.


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