He would not give up his buts (SSN)

For those of you not coming to this link from the book, we are discussing how to eliminate the “buts” that we add on to our desires. For instance: I want to lose weight, but I don’t have time to work out. We are discussing how to look at the “but” and find the desire in the but in order to solve for that “problem/desire.” In this case, a possible desire hidden in the but is: “I desire more free time away from responsibilities.”

The point is to move past your buts and excuses and create the life you desire.

In my research and reading, I came across this quote and just wanted to share it with the you guys.…

“There is a lesson in the Bible about a man who is waiting by the baptismal pool to be healed by the waters that have been stirred by an angel. He had been there, lame, for thirty-eight years. Jesus asks him if he would like to be healed. The man says, “Yes, but…” He then starts to give all sorts of excuses as to why he cannot be healed. There really was only one reason: He would not give up his “buts.”… In order for us to move forward in our lives, we must let go of the word but as an excuse. The Bible lesson mentioned above ends with Jesus saying to the man, “Pick up thy bed and walk.” The interesting thing to note here is that Jesus does not reach down to help the man up; he doesn’t even offer his hand. He simply says to get up. Once we give up our buts, we get to live our lives full out without any excuses…”
Science of Mind magazine, August 2010, Eugene D. Holden

Give up your “but” and move on with your life. Give up your limited thinking and see that there is a solution to every desire. This is so-so-so one of the main points I want to get through with Unscribbling – stop making excuses! Look for solutions to your true desires.

We will talk more about being a victim later, but for now, acknowledge that your buts are your own invention. For within every desire is a solution. In your but is a desire. Look for that and solve for that. (For those of you who don’t have the book, let me just say that makes a TON more sense in the context of the book. Sorry about this vague post.)

Takeaway: Stop making excuses. Stop focusing on your lack and see the possibilities and the solutions that are always present.