Book Review: REVEAL – A Sacred Manual for Getting Spiritually Naked by Meggan Watterson

“Happiness comes when all that I am is being utilized. Happiness comes when what exists within me is being shared. Happiness is being aware of the gift of love I possess and then getting blessed with the opportunity to give it away.” 	- Meggan Watterson This book was like sitting down and talking with one of your girlfriends who is also into spirituality… only she is way cooler and has way more amazing stories too. The writing was very approachable and gave a wonderful feminine slant to the spiritual world/religions. (Might be a tad too feminine for most of you dudes, but you should read it anyway for the interesting facts and thoughts throughout.) It is those facts and thoughts that had me thinking, “well, that is interesting!” so many times throughout the book. The best part about them was how Watterson interweaves these teachings about women spiritual leaders/figures (from various religions) in a way that is in no way school booky. Honestly, it is like your cool girlfriend is telling you an interesting story. The only thing I felt that was really missing from this book was photos. The writer reverences images quite often and it would be nice to have those images right there too. (But then again the original Di Vinci Code books books didn’t have them either and that book did fine.) ;o)

 Some bit from the book I particularly liked:

“One of the definitions of a miracle is simply to make wonderful…. a miracle is simply “a shift in perspective.”

“You may not be where you wanted or expected to be at this point in your life, but you can choose to acknowledge that you are right were you need to be.

This does not mean that where you are is not painful or frustrating. But it does mean that you have the power to change your life in an instant, simply by changing your perspective.”

We just cannot underestimate the power of changing our perspective, or our attitude. This tiny little shift can completely transform our experience of everything. AND, it is completely within our control. I love the thought that you have the power to change everything simply by changing your perspective.

“If we didn’t have baggage, if we didn’t have dark, troubling stories in our lives, how would we ever get to practice the power of our love? What if every traumatic event we’ve endured, every regretful choice we’ve made, is actually an opportunity for the soul to spread its wings? We lift the weight of what has held us down by choosing to believe that everything in our lives has happened for our soul’s formation. It has not only happened for a reason but happened exactly when it needed to.”

This is such a good thought to keep in mind when we go through those moments of “why me?” Why you? Well, because you are like everyone else. Because everyone goes through things and has to deal with things at times. EVERYONE. Even the most enlightened among us! And whatever issue you are facing is happening so that maybe you will grow. So choose to grow instead of complain. (People will like you better if you do too.)

“… there is really only one thing of importance in my life – cultivating the capacity to love.”

This theme seems to be coming up more and more and more and more I am seeing it’s truth. Ahhh.

“In those moments when fear eclipses what we want most for our lives, it is crucial to be able to connect to the still, calm voice that has a tight grasp on our greatest potential.”

Love it! Keep calm and listen BEFORE you jump into action. But then remember…

“… the soul-voice is that one voice that is always and in all circumstances the voice of unconditional love. ‘Choose,’ I heard my own soul ask me. ‘Choose love even now.'”

Yep, even when it is hard. But just to clarify, as Watteson will tell you too, don’t forget to love YOURSELF too. Don’t be a doormat in the name of love.

This next quote was an excerpt from an article by Ian McEwan:

“There was really only one thing for her to say, those three words that all the terrible art, the worst pop songs and movies, the most seductive lies, can somehow never cheapen. I love you.

She said it over and again before the line went dead. And that is what they were all saying into their phones, from the hijacked planes and the burning towers. There is only love, and then oblivion. Love was all they had to set against the hatred of their murderers.”

What a shift in perspective about such a horrible event. Amidst everything, so much love poured out into the world. So powerful!

“… I was happy – and it wasn’t the fleeting kind of happiness that relies on something or someone else to maintain it…[I was happy because] every gift that existed within me was called upon.

I found my own definition of happiness; I had tasted it. Happiness comes when all that I am is being utilized. Happiness comes when what exists within me is being shared. Happiness is being aware of the gift of love I possess and then getting blessed with the opportunity to give it away.”

Holy smokes! I love that. Isn’t that just the best feeling ever? When you can contribute with all your gifts and with love to boot? Oh, baby, I love that.

Lots of good bits in this book that will give you plenty to think about.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.