Some interesting thoughts from “F**k It Therapy”

Some quotes to make you think from “F**k It Therapy” by John C. Parkin…

The meaning behind F**k It?

“And so this one beautiful phrase has two opposing applications:
1. To help you let go and slow down.
2. TO help you go for it and get moving.”

“How much time do we spend looking for IT, and generally thinking that ‘this’ is not it?… But the true secret of F**k It Therapy is to see that IT is already here, and IT never went away in the first place.”

“…the problem for most of us is that we worry about things that, with even a little bit of perspective, REALLY DON’T MATTER and we spend so much time and energy worrying about those things that we don’t have enough time and energy for the THINGS THAT OBVIOUSLY DO… we need to say F**k It to those things that really don’t matter so much, and focus on those that do…”

“Don’t ever forget that you’re not your story. Story is ego.”

“What are you scared of? And, underneath, isn’t it all about loss?”

“… it’s not just that the un-faced problems and issues don’t go away, they multiply, because they want your attention. and when you give them attention, that’s when they soften, and you see the love.”

“Resistance IS futile. Give into reality as it is, just as it is. Don’t bother fighting it, resisting it, judging it, questioning it, trying to plan it or learning from it, seeing its higher plan or greater purpose. Get out of gear and slip into neutral.”

Unscribbling is SOOOO all over this thought regarding your wants…

“1. Recognize that you can be happy with what you have, but still ‘wanting’ something else, and the same time.
2. Being clear about what you want, but not being attached to it…
3. Being clear about what you want, but not knowing how you’re going to get it….
Life is happy because the brief is clear, but the ways to achieve it are loose.”

This sooo fits with Unscribbling’s “Stay open to possibilities!”

“By becoming more conscious of how we load each moment with judgement, prejudiced selection, and an agenda, we’re likely to see the ways in which we can become more open.”

“And we probably won’t get ‘it’ fully, ever. But by realizing that we won’t get it, everything about us relaxes, and loosens, so we become more like ‘it’ anyway, which is always soft and loose and moving.”

Interesting thoughts!


FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.