Intro to the Spiritual Side Notes (SSN)

First and foremost, please note that you DO NOT need to have the same spiritual beliefs as me in order to learn how to Unscribble. For that matter, you do not need to have ANY spiritual beliefs in order to use this problem solving technique. But throughout the writing of this book, I kept having the urge to interject a few spiritual thoughts. But I know that spiritual thoughts would turn off some people and they would miss all the good advice in the book so I kept them out. I realize that this book is not going to be for everyone, I am ok with that. But to have anyone put down the book because I said the word, “God”… ehh… that just did not feel productive and in the best interest of these good problem solving skills.

But I still desired to get the thoughts to those who might be interested… so I unscribbled it! And I created these “spiritual side notes” so I could be true to my thoughts and feelings and yet, not turn off the non-spiritual among us. Perfect!

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