The bigger picture of struggles & “Angelic Agitators” (SSN)

I honestly think that some struggles merely come our way to prepare us to handle something bigger in the future. The struggles are always teaching us something and they are preparing us, making us wiser, raising our consciousness, and twisting and turning us toward a better “destiny” than we could have imagined.

Here are a couple of thoughts from some great minds on the subject:

“Our challenges give our lives meaning; they help us rise to another level of enlightenment and understanding… It’s almost as if our challenges show up by design: you pick something you want to do, and then you quickly realize that obtaining it is going to require you to be more than you’ve ever been before.”
“Manifesting Change” By Mike Dooley

“It’s a force that appears to be negative, but actually shows you how to realize your Personal Legend. It prepares your spirit and your will, because there is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission in earth.”
Paulo Coehlo – the Alchemist

“Whenever the seemingly ‘unthought-of’ unexpectedly lands in your path, it is always a  stepping stone to another place that you have been thinking about… In the traffic accident there were several long-range end results that I was thinking about that could perhaps be best achieved effortlessly, flawlessly, and miraculously through this incident…”
“Manifesting Change” By Mike Dooley

Another fun way to think about challenging people was presented by Barbara Leger in Science of Mind Magazine, September 2010. In it she talks about a “‘ruthless angel’ (meaning an angel who shakes you up to wake you up).”

Oh, what a fun way to think about people who shake you up; they are ruthless angels – or perhaps ruthless is too strong a word. What about, “angelic agitators?” I like that.

So the next time someone or something is agitating you, remember; it just might be an angelic agitator here to help you. In fact, I think we can agree that they are.


Takeaway: There is a lesson in any struggle (or agitating person). Each struggle allows you to learn and grow and become a better person because of it.


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Maybe you’re the supporting character in a struggle, not the protagonist? (SSN)

Did you ever feel like the story wasn’t about you? That perhaps you were dealing with a struggle that didn’t really feel like it “belonged” to you?

Now, I still agree with Mike Dooley’s thought in “Manifesting Change” that:

“Nothing is by chance, nothing is random; there is always meaning, purpose, healing, and love.”

We can always learn and grow. But perhaps sometimes (maybe all the time) we need to remember that we are part of an interdependent species.

Sometimes we are here to be an antagonist, instead of a protagonist.

“The antagonist never sees himself as the opposing force, but as the protagonist in his own story. The same is true for the protagonist. One takes into consideration one’s own interest and not necessarily the other’s interest, whereas God sees the highest and best for all concerned… God expresses as interacting, interdependent entities. God is a system of wholeness. The integrated whole is producing, exchanging, and distributing all the time. Everything about God is inclusive and has good for us all.”
Science of Mind Magazine, June 2010, by Celestine Frazier

Or sometimes we might choose to deal with a struggle to help the greater good.

“Sometimes a soul will choose a particularly challenging lifetime in order to accelerate its spiritual progress, or as an act of love to help, guide and nourish others who are going through a similarly difficult lifetime. A hard life is not a punishment, but rather an opportunity.”
“Messages for the Masters,” Brian Weiss, M.D.

Or perhaps we have volunteered for a struggle to help another.

“Why might a life be chosen that could end abruptly in violence? Well, with nothing to lose, since we’re eternal beings, the answer must lie in either the adventure that life would give us or the adventure it would make possible for others. Perhaps we allow ourselves to live on a stage where we MIGHT be violated if it creates circumstances in which the perpetrator finally understands the grotesque folly of their ways, and at last begins healing. Or perhaps we allow ourselves to stray into harm’s way so that other’s might not ‘have to.’ Maybe we choose it to help others and ourselves to understand the mental anguish that often leads to, and comes from, violence. Or perhaps it would be for the shocking ‘wake-up call’ it would provide to witnesses and to those distantly aware of what happened, so that they might pay closer attention to their own thoughts, words, actions, and resulting consequences. The reasons, including for the love of all involved, are endless.”
“Manifesting Change” By Mike Dooley

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and contemplate that it might not be all about you. But since we are interdependent and part of all, everything ultimately is.

No matter what the struggle and why you are facing it though, you need to remember that you always have a choice. You can choose your actions to be actions in love and inclusion or you can choose your actions for ego.

This does not mean that you should allow yourself to become a victim!

When you are facing a struggle, you still need to take responsibility for it. You still need to Unscribble it to create the life you want. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. Use your integrity, communication skills, and problem solving abilities to work through any struggles you are facing. No matter who the protagonist in the story is, assume it is you (even if it might not be) and that you are in the struggle to learn and choose your conduct wisely. Choosing to be the protagonist allows you to take back control of your own destiny. Remember, we are interconnected, so the wiser you act, the better for the whole and the better for the true protagonist.

Also, finally, just because someone needs to learn a lesson (or you think they do, or think you might be playing a part in someone else’s big lesson), it does not mean that YOU are the one who has to teach it to them.

Do what you need to do to resolve the situation to your satisfaction, but don’t be the one who tries to teach someone. Lessons come, but learning is optional. If they want to learn, they will. If not, they won’t. YOU learn. YOU clarify how you want your life to be and how you are going to go about getting your dream life. Let others deal with their own lives.

We may not be on this earth to learn lessons. Or maybe we are. Who knows? But we are here. We might as well take the opportunity to experience and to grow. Growth often comes from struggles, so welcome the struggles. They are making you into something that is better than you were before, IF you allow them to. Learn from the frustration by finding solutions and exploring paths to get to them. Focus on the solution and the path instead of the problem. The other party will learn if they want to.

Takeaway: Sometimes you are playing a role in someone else’s drama. Even so, you still need to act like you are the main character and Unscribble yourself to the life you desire.


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You are worthy of having your true desires fulfilled (SSN)

You are beautiful.
You are amazing.
You are loved just as you are.
And, yes, you are worthy!
You are worthy of having your true desires fulfilled.

We live in a material world that can feel quite judgmental at times. But on the soul level, we are the same when we look at one another and remember that we are all looking for similar things when it comes down to it – to love and be loved. Everyone is just going about it the best way they know how. We can’t slight anyone for that.

But there are so many people out there who feel less than worthy. We talk about why you are worthy in the book, but here, in this Spiritual Side Note, let’s look at some spiritual perspectives on how you are worthy of having your desires fulfilled.

You are a needed and intregral part of the all. This makes you worthy by default.

“We might see ourselves as if we are separate-but-interlocking pieces in the jigsaw puzzle called Life. When separated, all of the puzzle pieces are different shapes, colors, and patterns. When each piece is in its rightful place, the overall picture becomes visible. This picture would be incomplete if one piece were missing. We are all intimately connected – to each other, to the world.
Science of Mind magazine May 2010

You are worthy, and you are worthy of your desires being fulfilled.

“…you are a spiritual being, living in a limitless spiritual Universe, endowed with the whole potential energy flow of the Universe… Let go of ‘I can’t’ and begin to identify yourself as God’s living enterprise. You are not just an average person. You are YOU, a unique individualization of the universal creative process. Affirm for yourself: I can because I AM!”

You are part of the Universe! So if your true desires are coming from God – how could they be bad? How could you be bad for having them? You are worthy!

And please know that once you know you are worthy of your desire and your desire is worthy of you – the Universe will support you in your efforts to fulfill your desires.

You achieving and accomplishing is only GOOD for the Universe. Your good fortune will not take the fortune from another.

Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics

“Every prayer is made in the presence of the answer, the answer surging the prayer.” Murrel Powell Douglas

You are part of the all. What benefits you will benefit all, so you are worthy of good.

“Returning from the well of self to the place where all souls connect, we discover that while our inner work is engaged individually, each gain of ours truly benefits the whole. If we as a person are happy, healthy, harmonious, and amply supplied, there is one less place in the planet where an absence of these is occurring, plus we are able to contribute more energetically to the collective experience… Today, I feel my connectedness to the common good, aware of how I draw strength from it and contribute back to it with each new positive intention.”
Science of Mind magazine, November 2010, Jesse Jennings

“… you are surrounded by a divine Presence which wishes for you only good because you are expressing its life.”
Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics

You are you in all your wonderfulness. You are worthy of having your desires fulfilled.

Takeaway: You are an integral part of the universe and therefore, by default alone, you are worthy & worthy of having your desires fulfilled.


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