“Random” Acts of Thanking

Where can you start a ripple of thanking?We always have the ability to say thank you to the people who have influenced our lives, but how often do we actually do it?

Over the last couple of weeks I was able to send some copies of my book to people who have helped me to process the ideas, hone the writing, and edit my book. My test readers, the ladies in my writers group and my editors were no brainers to send “thank you” books to, and it was nice to show them the results of what they helped create. But there was another group of people whom I sent a few books out to that had no idea that they had helped in any way.

I have learned from some great thinkers over the years whether it be their writings in a magazine or book, an online seminar, sitting in their classroom, or a friendly conversation. Certain thoughts from each of them took root in my brain and helped me to really tweak the process of Unscribbling. Most of these great teachers have no idea who I am, so my “thank you”s are out of the blue thanks from a random stranger for them. How much fun is that? Random “thanks you”s? I can’t tell you how much joy I felt being able to say to these personal celebrities of mine, “Your words touched me and influenced my life. Thank you!”

As anyone in any creative or educational endeavor knows – you often don’t have a clue if you have touched anyone at all. Actually, one time I had a friend tell me that they knew a college student who had printed a guest blog post of mine and had it on their dorm wall for inspiration. I stopped in my tracks – I had no idea that anyone had really read it, let alone been moved by it. It made me feel so good. Like, the whole process of writing, creating, and exposing your thoughts was worth it. It was just such a powerful moment that I wanted to hopefully give that to a few unsuspecting and deserving people too.

So that I did… and oh, baby, does it feel amazing!

I haven’t been able to track down everyone’s address that I want to thank, nor can I afford to send a book to as many people as I would like, but the ones I was able to thank are getting random (to them) gushing notes of thanks. I’ve even gotten a few responses back, which has been an absolute thrill! (Did I mention these people are celebrities to me?) But that doesn’t even matter. Selfishly, it is just such a gift to myself to finally thank some of these wonderful people.

Thanking someone can cost you nothing, yet has the potential to spread so much good. I can only hope that my thanks has lift their hearts and it will spread more joy and happiness in the world. I wonder if they might be inspired and thank someone too because of it. Can you imagine? It’s like a ripple of thanks going out in random areas of the world…

Even if they don’t, by thanking them, I want to thank MORE. Me, thanking, is lifting ME up and rippling out more thanks to the people around me.

Is there someone who has touched your life in positive way? Why not say “thank you!” Trust me, you will not regret it.

Loosening up my “Thank you” voice,


“The laughs mean more to me than the adoration. If two girls walk up to me and one says ‘you’re cute’, I’ll say thank you, but I appreciate it much more when the other one says ‘you make me laugh so much’.”

– Michael J. Fox

Takeaway: Even if no one but you notices, saying thank you will create a positive ripple in the world.

P.S. I’ve never been one to write a fan letter to someone before, but I may need to start. And start with more of my personal “celebrities” who have touched my life, made my life a little bit easier, or brighter. Or, write letters to their bosses so that they know what a great job they are doing, maybe that would help them on their employee reviews… Ah, I’m rambling again, but look at the ripple of good it can create!! Wow, how does life get better than this?

Looking for more thoughts on thanking? Check out The Momentum of Thanking – “the more you thank, the more momentum you will build and the more you will find to be thankful for.”

The Momentum of Thanking (SSN)

Have you ever been on an elliptical machine? The first time I tried it, things started off well. But then the momentum just kept building and building, and soon I was going so fast I could not keep up with myself. Arms and legs where flying every which way, my face got more and more red, and the sweat began to hit my neighbors.

I thought the machine sped up, but it turns out (as it was explained to me later), that it was my own momentum speeding things up, and I was in control of the speed all the while. Duh!

Well “Thank You’s” are a little like that elliptical machine, they can build momentum all on their own. (Or not, it’s up to you.)

There are a couple of ways that your “Thank You’s” can build momentum:

1. Thanking & acknowledging those around you.
People crave acknowledgement. This is natural; we all want to love and be loved back. Thanking can be a great way to say, “I see you. I see the difference you make. I appreciate you and all that you do.”

In all your activities, look for reasons to say “Thank you!” When you do so, you will really be looking, seeing, and acknowledging others. What a wonderful free gift you can give another. Once people feel appreciated, they naturally want to contribute more. This is not necessarily the end you are looking for, but what a nice bonus, huh?

The more you thank, the more things you will find to be thankful for. It’s a natural human cycle.

2. Thanking the Universe.
So what about thanking God? Does God really hear us, and does it even make a difference to God? I often think about this when I see football players thanking God after a big play and I have to wonder. Does God really care that much about the outcome of a football game? Perhaps, but I doubt it. I seriously doubt that God would feel slighted in the least. I think he has a lot more going on than worrying about that.

In the case of thanking God, let’s look at this quote:

“Will God be disturbed if you do not return thanks? Will God say, ‘Such an ingrate!’ The fact is, it does not make any difference to God whether you give thanks or not. But it makes a lot of difference to you. God is too universal, too almighty, to be dependent on your thanksgiving… You are not obligated to thank God for your life, for your job, for your prosperity. However, giving thanks is an important state of your consciousness that keeps you in an awareness of oneness with divine flow…”

“So you give thanks, not FOR these things, but FROM the awareness that there is always an all-sufficiency even within the insufficiency.”

Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics

You can not offend God. The Universe is all accepting. Accepting both the saint and the sinner, the thankful and the unthankful.

But thanking the Divine can have a huge impact on you, because the act of thanking helps to shift your internal consciousness. (Out of which all things are co-created in your life.)

Our thoughts become our mind’s habits. Our habits help create our consciousness. If you keep thanking and looking for ways to be thankful, your core being will just start to radiate thankfulness. Can you imagine the kind of energy you will project? Can you imagine the positive people you will attract? Can you imagine the opportunities? The possible new solutions to fulfill your desires?

So either way – by thanking the individuals around you or by thanking the divine – it is only natural that the more you thank, the more momentum you will build and the more you will find to be thankful for. It is only natural.

Takeaway: The more you thank, the more you will find to be thankful for. (Even if you don’t thank God.)

(And the next time you see a football player thanking God, perhaps use it as a signal to take a moment and identify something you can be thankful for too. That’s a much better reaction than throwing your popcorn at the TV because he just scored against your team. ;o) )


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