Why not just set a goal and go for it?

I need to clarify something here. Unscribbling is NOT about goal setting. However, investigating your goals and wants can help you unlock the secret of what your true desires are by looking at their essence.

The other reason it’s not about goal setting is, well… personally I’ve always hated goals – goal–setting and all that crap. I have actually found that it works against me. So I don’t set them.

Goal–setting may work for some people, but it always seemed that when I tried to pursue a specific “goal,” suddenly there was all this pressure that went along with it. That pressure usually hurt me in the pursuit of my goals more than it helped me.

Over the years, here are some goals that I (or others) have at one time or another tried to set for me:

“Gain 3 new clients this month.” Sounds good, but in my quest to get three clients, how do I make sure they are going to be the right clients for me? And in the pursuit of “landing” these clients, am I making sure I’m actually providing a service they need? Or am I just meeting my sales quota? Can I handle three new clients a month?

“Ask out 3 guys a month.” My friend said, “It’s a numbers game.” Ah, but what if I only find one guy I’m interested in? Or what if I start to date three people, and I can’t keep all their stories straight? The “confusing their stories” scenario seems VERY likely. And where am I going to find these guys? That could be a lot of bars to visit.

“Read a book a week.” What if I decide I want to take a tango class one month, or I get sick one week, or what if ALL three guys want to go out in the same week? That might be pretty hard to read that week.

“Lose 5 pounds by next week.” Is that even healthy? Or is it just supposed to be two pounds a week…. I can’t remember. I might be able to do it if I eat nothing but fruit…. but that will probably give me the runs. I’ll definitely be cranky – I’m always cranky when I’m hungry. That’s probably not going to make those dates go well.

Agghhh!!! Pressure! And what if I can’t do it? Now what?!!!

Now that I have set these “goals” for myself, I keep focusing on the fact that I only gained one new client and he is kind of annoying, I just snort–laughed in front of the hottie I was going to ask out – making a complete fool of myself, I didn’t like the book I started, and someone brought me chocolate chip cookies and it would be rude not to eat them… I suck. I can’t do this. (Insert pity party here.)

Now I am in a tail–spin, huh? Focusing on the negative and where I fell short. Wow, where is this going to get me? Maybe I should start anew next week with my goals. Hopefully I am not haunted by my poor performance this week. But if I could not do it this week, what makes me think I can do it next week? I can’t do this. I can see why I don’t have dates and new clients. I need chocolate…

Conclusion: Goals suck!

I was discussing my loathing of goals with a friend who was baffled by my “lack of goal setting” philosophy. He could not figure out how I had accomplished so much in life without having goals. After all, isn’t that how you are supposed to get somewhere in life – set goals and strive for them?

Well, that may work for some people, but not me. I prefer to follow my desires and see where that leads me instead! Plus it is much more fun.

For example I could have set a goal for myself to: “Start my own business by the time I turned 26.” I never set that as a goal, but I did do it; because, I did desire, at the time, to learn about multiple areas of life and business, and to do more design work. Both of these desires were fulfilled by starting my own design business. (But could have been accomplished other ways too.)

Having the desires in my mind, and staying open to the possibilities, is how I decided to start my business. The project with my full–time employer was winding down after two years of steady work. It was a perfect opportunity to go out on my own and have them become a client, which would allow me to gain other clients, explore the world of other businesses AND do more design work.

Desires meet Opportunity!!!

Had I started with the goal to “start my own business by the time I am 26,” I might have opened a restaurant instead; but that probably would not have fulfilled my deeper desire to learn about multiple areas of life and do more design work. Staying clear on my desires brought me to a business that I truly love and enjoy doing.

Once you become clear on what you desire, you SEE the desire. Then you can set your INTENTIONS. When you set your intentions, it’s like you send a message to a little worker bee in our mind with a periscope. The little worker bee is called into action keeping an eye out for good solutions to fulfill the desire. But the worker bee needs its marching orders. That is why it is necessary to first become aware of your true desires – so opportunities are not passing you by that might be perfect solutions for you.

“Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Takeaway: By identifying your desires, you open yourselves up to ways of successfully accomplishing them (and a lot more) in life. 


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You are worthy of having your true desires fulfilled (SSN)

You are beautiful.
You are amazing.
You are loved just as you are.
And, yes, you are worthy!
You are worthy of having your true desires fulfilled.

We live in a material world that can feel quite judgmental at times. But on the soul level, we are the same when we look at one another and remember that we are all looking for similar things when it comes down to it – to love and be loved. Everyone is just going about it the best way they know how. We can’t slight anyone for that.

But there are so many people out there who feel less than worthy. We talk about why you are worthy in the book, but here, in this Spiritual Side Note, let’s look at some spiritual perspectives on how you are worthy of having your desires fulfilled.

You are a needed and intregral part of the all. This makes you worthy by default.

“We might see ourselves as if we are separate-but-interlocking pieces in the jigsaw puzzle called Life. When separated, all of the puzzle pieces are different shapes, colors, and patterns. When each piece is in its rightful place, the overall picture becomes visible. This picture would be incomplete if one piece were missing. We are all intimately connected – to each other, to the world.
Science of Mind magazine May 2010

You are worthy, and you are worthy of your desires being fulfilled.

“…you are a spiritual being, living in a limitless spiritual Universe, endowed with the whole potential energy flow of the Universe… Let go of ‘I can’t’ and begin to identify yourself as God’s living enterprise. You are not just an average person. You are YOU, a unique individualization of the universal creative process. Affirm for yourself: I can because I AM!”

You are part of the Universe! So if your true desires are coming from God – how could they be bad? How could you be bad for having them? You are worthy!

And please know that once you know you are worthy of your desire and your desire is worthy of you – the Universe will support you in your efforts to fulfill your desires.

You achieving and accomplishing is only GOOD for the Universe. Your good fortune will not take the fortune from another.

Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics

“Every prayer is made in the presence of the answer, the answer surging the prayer.” Murrel Powell Douglas

You are part of the all. What benefits you will benefit all, so you are worthy of good.

“Returning from the well of self to the place where all souls connect, we discover that while our inner work is engaged individually, each gain of ours truly benefits the whole. If we as a person are happy, healthy, harmonious, and amply supplied, there is one less place in the planet where an absence of these is occurring, plus we are able to contribute more energetically to the collective experience… Today, I feel my connectedness to the common good, aware of how I draw strength from it and contribute back to it with each new positive intention.”
Science of Mind magazine, November 2010, Jesse Jennings

“… you are surrounded by a divine Presence which wishes for you only good because you are expressing its life.”
Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics

You are you in all your wonderfulness. You are worthy of having your desires fulfilled.

Takeaway: You are an integral part of the universe and therefore, by default alone, you are worthy & worthy of having your desires fulfilled.


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