The problem solving process you already know, but might need a refresher course in…

Let me start off by saying that you ALREADY instinctively know how to problem solve any problem. You can do it in the case of an emergency, but for some reason, when it comes to normal “problems,” we freeze up and don’t seem to know what to do.

If we go back to the basic problem solving skills that we instinctively know, we can find the framework to solve any problem that is facing us, even the problem of “how do I fulfill my dreams?

Think about it. When an emergency or crisis occurs, there is no time to form committees, gather our girlfriends to discuss, or oftentimes even to worry. In an emergency situation, we need to solve the problem as fast as we can. If we break down this emergency problem-solving procedure, we get the model for how we can solve ANY problem that comes our way.

What happens when an emergency situation appears in our lives?

The Problem Solving ProcessFirst we BECOME AWARE of the problem – There is a strange man outside of my house and he is trying to get in uninvited. We declare or INTEND the state we desire to be in – I intend to not have a strange man come into my house.

We BRAINSTORM solutions – I could pick up that baseball bat, or I could call the cops, or I could start screaming at him, or I could… We ACT & EXPLORE the best option(s) to pursue – I’ll grab the bat and call the cops. If that doesn’t work, I’ll start screaming and run out the back door.

Then, once the problem is solved, we THANK, the cops, your daughter for leaving her bat in the stairs, God/the Universe/or whomever you believe in, and hopefully yourself too for getting through it.

This same procedure can be applied to ANY problem and towards improving, creating and living the life of your dreams.

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Well it can be! We just need to consciously learn and apply the process to our lives. Those who apply the process will find they are living a life fulfilled. For whenever we are working towards our passion, our purpose, or our desires we are living in a blissful state. It’s not necessarily about finally achieving that end state (which you will) but it is about enjoying the journey as your travel towards your desires.

Oh, can you imagine the possibilities?!


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